Ordering Info:

1). The OrchidFix currently has one employee- ME! Caring for plants comes first- which means watering, spraying and replanting take priority. Packing and shipping are #2 priority: with the surge in COVID shipping, our shipping partners are now imposing even stricter deadlines and less guarantees for delivery. I understand this is not always ideal- but it's what it is for now. Please be mindful of this when trying to contact me. Despite many repeated attempts, I cannot be in more than one place at a time.

2). I AM NOT AMAZON. If weather does not permit safe shipping- I WILL NOT SHIP. I will always try to reach out and discuss any potential shipping issues should they arise- so please provide current, working contact information. Failure to do so will add considerable delays to getting plants delivered.

3). Over this past year, I have been asked to speak and vend more and more around the country. While I cannot accept every invitation- I try to attend as many events as time/schedule allows. This means I am not at the nursery at all times. I usually advertise out of state shows/events: please understand orders received during those times will be delayed. I will ship as soon as I return to the nursery.

4). Our general shipping schedule is to pack and ship orders Monday-Wednesday. Due to the nursery watering cycle: orders received after 09:00 HST Tuesday will ship the following week. This is especially important during cooler months when wet plants ship particularly badly.

Nursery Info:

The OrchidFix is a working nursery and cannot currently allow walk-ins.

I understand this is disappointing, and not what folks like to hear. HOWEVER- *please* do not show up un-announced.