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A Guide to Basic Orchid Care

When you treasure something, you go to great lengths to take care of it. If beautiful,

exotic orchids are something you covet, help them thrive once they’re in your home.

At the Orchid Fix Nursery, owner Jurahame celebrates orchids in all their infinite

varieties and takes pride in sourcing, collecting and growing them for the enjoyment of

others. Here, we outline some basic care guidelines for you to follow that apply to most

types of orchids:

1. Light – Orchids love indirect light and lots of it. Avoid putting it them in direct


2. Water – Orchids need a good watering once a week when it’s cooler and twice a

week when it’s warmer. Be careful that the water drains completely from the

bottom of the pot so that the plant is not standing in water.

3. Fertilizer – Growing orchids require fertilizer to give them the best start.

4. Air – An environment that provides gentle air circulation is recommended.

5. Humidity – Most orchids like a little moisture in the air. Very dry environments

can be harmful.

6. Temperature - Daytime temperature should be between 65°- 75°F, nighttime

temperature should be a few degrees cooler.

There are many kinds or orchids that require different light or temperature levels.

Orchid Fix Nursery will not only supply you with the type of orchids you are looking for,

but will advise you on the specific conditions it needs so that it can grow and bloom for

years. We offer a full range of species and hybrids — both old favorites and exciting new

introductions. Find out more by contacting us today.

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