Angraecum leonis- IN SPIKE 4"

Angraecum leonis- IN SPIKE 4"


Species- Comoro Islands


This delightful miniature is a welcome change from your typical Angraecoid. Not only are the flowers something just a bit different- so is the foliage! Whereas most larger Angraecum look like well-fed Vanda- Angcm.leonis has short, squat growths that look like oriental style fans. The individual leaves are flattened- as though they havent quite opened yet. This is actually quite normal and adds to the charm of the species.

Pure white flowers each have a nearly translucent nectary fused to the base of the lip; flowers are held just above the foliage- 4-6 per inflorescence. Mature plants happily produce multiple flower spikes and never fail to put on a dazzling show.


If you like the weird & the wonderful- this one is for you!

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