C.schilleriana x sib- 2" pots
  • C.schilleriana x sib- 2" pots

    This is a first release of C.schiileriana ('Cinco Estrellas' AM/AOS (87 pts.) x 'Aglaia' AM/AOS (84 pts.).

    Both photos are of the exact parents used to make this cross.


    All I can say is... WOW! This is a sib cross of two of the highest flower count schillerianas ever awarded. Sadly neither parent managed to score higher- because these are two of the very best I have ever seen.


    I'm looking for excellent flower count (obviously), improved shape, size and color. Hopefully the 2nd generation will have an FCC or two in its future!


    Plants can be slow growing while they are young, but make up for it later in life with their glorious displays of out-of-this-world flowers. Oh- and did I mention... Fragrant!


    If you are a species collector- you MUST add one of these to your collection!