Dendrobium anosmum

Dendrobium anosmum

Established plants in 2" pots ready to flower starting next year.


Orchid names are often complex and can sometimes be confusing- but I think none more so than that given to one of the Philippines' most attractive species- Dendrobium anosmum; "anosmum" literally translating to "without scent". And yet, nothing could be further from the truth!


Deciduous plants bear long, pendant canes that grow throughout the spring and summer before losing their leaves in the winter- only to be reborn with 10-15 nodes, each carrying 2-4 brilliant, purple, highly fragrant flowers that last upwards of 3 weeks. The fragrance has been best described as "raspberry jam- spread over a warm english muffin, torn not sliced...".


Grow warm & bright with a distinct rest period beginning in October. Start by stopping fertilizer and gradulally tappering down waterings. Plants should be recieving no fertilizer and only very infrequent watering by early December. New growth usually begins to emerge towards the first part of February and with them come swollen nodes which eventually turn into flower buds along last years' canes. Once plants have finished flowering, you can remove the old canes.


In Hawaii, plants flower just around the middle of March, which conveiniently is around the same time as the world famous Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, held every year here in Hilo. As such, the plants have come to be associated with the festival and local yards are usually filled with many gorgeous flowering plants around that time every year.

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