Den.laevifolium- 2" Pot
  • Den.laevifolium- 2" Pot

    This super cute little species is a joy to finally be able to offer!


    My friend James Fang at Hilo Orchid Farm has developed an incredible collection of these with truly superior flowers. These plants are seedlings from a sib cross he has made. Becuase they are seedlings, it is impossible to say what color flowers plants will have. You might end up with red, lavender, or cream colored flowers.


    Plants are originally found throughout the Philippines, extending into Papua New Guinea. These are proper miniatures- pseudobulbs never grow over 2"-3" tall. Clusters of brilliant red, lavender or cream flowers appear once or twice a year, held closely against the pseudobulbs. Pseudobulbs do eventually go deciduous, but hold their leaves for several years until new growth has established.


    Although plants appear similar to Dendrobium cuthbertsonii- plants are from a different section of the genus and are much easier to grow and flower!