FLASK: Paph.Saint Swithin

FLASK: Paph.Saint Swithin

If you are patient, and in the mood for something really extraordinary, you can get a jump on everyone else! Because multifloral Paphs take so long to flower from flask (~4 years on average) I already have the next crop here in flask!


This time I remade the cross using my awarded rothschildianum 'Fantastic Four' AM/AOS x

philippinense 'Hilo Helix'. 'Hilo Helix' has been such an amazing flower (outstanding color and whopping sepals), I haven't even bothered taking it in to judging... Too busy making seedpods with it! I'm only releasing 3 flasks- so get yours before they sell out!


First photo above is a typical Saint Swithin- the next two are of the exact parents used to make the cross.