Onc.Twinkle "Red" or "White"- 3"/4" pot
  • Onc.Twinkle "Red" or "White"- 3"/4" pot

    Onc.Twinkle never ceases to amaze. A primary hybrid between Onc.sotoanum and Onc.cheirophorum, these are the best of both plants- fast and easy to grow and flower and super fragrant!


    I have both the white & Red (not pictured) forms available. Simply choose from the drop-down which color you'd like and if you prefer non-bloom or in spike. Better yet- order both and save 10%!

    White Twinke are currently growing in 4" pots and Red are in 3" round pots.


    Both are starting to push out new growth. You can expect spikes and flowers over the next month as new growths harden off.