Paph.callosum- Blooming Size in 3" Pot

Paph.callosum- Blooming Size in 3" Pot

I recently was lucky enough to share in an order from Taiwan and am pleased to be able to offer these great plants.  All 3" pots have at least 2 growths per pot; even though they are in 3" they are not small plants!


It's been a good long while since I saw Paph.callosum offered for sale anywhere! This plant (and Paph.sukhakulii) are almost entirely responsible for all the things we love in beautiful, modern-day Maudiae paphiopedilum; and yet it seems to have almost entirely disapeared.


Our friend Dave Sorokowsky over at Paph Paradise has flowered some beautiful plants from this same supplier- and I have high hopes there are more great plants in this new batch!


These plants were only recently potted up and should be fine in transit- but give them a little extra TL on arrival. Plenty of good, high quality water through well-draining growing medium will keep roots fresh and happy. Fertilize well during growing months.