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Jurahame loves talking orchid!

Jurahame standing next to the Ren.imschootiana 'Crystelle' FCC/CCE AOS that was featured on the cover of the April 2022 issue of Orchids magazine.

I travel frequently and extensivly to attend shows, conferences and society meetings and would be delighted to speak to your group as well!

I have a range of presentations- general and genera specific culture, hybridizing and judging- I could speak on; or would be happy to put together something just for your group.

Depending on where and what time of year you'd like me to speak- I may be able to cover some travel costs. I'm also happy to speak to more than one group/society per trip which also helps! Send me an email and we can chat about it...

Some past events I've spoken at:

Hilo & Kona Orchid Societies
Peninsula Orchid Society
Portland Orchid Society
Seattle Orchid Society
Paph Forum in D.C.
Slipper Orchid Conference in Apopka, FL. (x2)
Tamiami Orchid Festival
Redland International Orchid Festival

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