Orchids from Hawaii

Wholesale Inquiries

1 May, 2022 UPDATE

I am accepting new wholesale customers as production allows. I have recently completed the construction of a new greenhouse and expanded production. As more flasks/young plants come online, availability will continue to improve.

*I DO NOT send weekly availability lists*

Lists become obsolete too quickly (demand for plants is still very high) and take valuable time away from other essential nursery work.

If you would like to be added to the wholesale email list, please submit your email using the box below. A confirmation email will be sent immediately once you subscribe. If you don't see one within 5 minutes- check your spam/junk folder, otherwise you won't receive my lists either!



*** New subscribers to the wholesale email list who do not place an order within 4 months of joining will be removed.

Subscribe to our wholesale email list:

I'll get you added shortly, Mahalo!

The fastest way to get an order is to send an email with your "wish list" of what product you would like and I will do my best to accommodate. Customers looking for growers choice boxes or a mix of blooming and non-blooming material will be given first priority.


*Customers wanting only blooming/budded material will be put on a wait list for product-currently around 3-5 months depending on demand and production.

Wholesale inquiries are always welcome!

The nursery has an extensive array of species and novelty hybrids; produced in small batches (250-500 plants); the idea being that way no one variety becomes too abundant in the marketplace and I can focus on growing unique, healthy plants that you'll be proud to incorporate into your sales.

I also offer mixed boxes ideal for Orchid Societies needing plants for benefit auctions, holidays raffles & etc.



Please contact us to set up a wholesale account and receive a copy of are most recent availability list.