Orchids from Hawaii

Wholesale Inquiries

20 June, 2021 UPDATE

I am sad to announce we are temporarily suspending new wholesale accounts until further notice. Because of the surge in COVID business, I have been *overwhelmed* with inquiries for plants and simply cannot keep up at the current time. I promise you all- I am working as fast as possible to increase production and bring on some extra help for around the nursery (and in the office)!

Anyone interested in establishing a wholesale account is still welcome to email me with your particulars and I will notify you once inventory production has picked up and we are able to take on more customers.

Wholesale inquiries are always welcome!

The nursery has an extensive array of species and novelty hybrids; produced in small batches (250-500 plants); the idea being that way no one variety becomes too abundant in the marketplace and I can focus on growing unique, healthy plants that you'll be proud to incorporate into your sales.

I also offer mixed boxes ideal for Orchid Societies needing plants for benefit auctions, holidays raffles & etc.



Please contact us to set up a wholesale account and receive a copy of are most recent availability list.