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20223711 Epi. (Wedding Valley x (Pacific Peacock x Pacific Kiwi)) 'Hilo Sunrise' AM-AOS 80

The OrchidFix Nursery is the childhood dream of it's owner- Jurahame.


He has been sourcing, collecting and growing orchids of all types since his very first orchid; C. Mini Purple 'Carmela', which his mother brought home as a gift 23 years ago.

Almost every plant in the nursery is produced by seed from Jurahame's personal collection- these represent the very best examples of that species or hybrid.

Most are awarded cultivars.


The nursery is located in Kurtistown on the East side of Hawaii Island (often referred to as "The Big Island") at approximately 300 meters elevation. The nursery is ideally suited to grow a variety of orchids from a wide range of growing conditions.


We believe in excellence- both in quality hybridizing and orchid culture.


To that end:


Our goal is to provide the marketplace with a range of species and hybrids; both old favorites and exciting new introductions.

Contact Us

the OrchidFix Nursery, Inc.

Post Office Box 1356

Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760

(808) 443-9994


venustum fma.measurianum  'Antidisestabl

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